Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sick of everything

I hate today. I hate the fact i have no internet. I hate my Grandma. Grr.

Got ribena poured all over me today at school. Now im at grandma's and im getting constant nagging off of her about everything. I dont know how much bloody more of this i can put up with - i hate her! She is getting on every nerve i have. She never, ever shuts up.

My computer is broken. No internet exceot here. Blooody hell. Have to go now. Bye.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Eve Eve!

I seem to be making a habit out of eve's eve posts. Oh well.

Sorry everyone about the lack of a Christmas Day post. The lack of internet made it fairly impossible. Oh well. Got a new phone and a Wii ^.^ My phone is a pretty shade of purple, and it has a touchscreen which is annoying to text with, but the phone is awesome even so.

It's new year's eve tomorrow! Me and my friend ae going to have a sleepover at my house, complete with films and probably chocolate. Well, it is new year's, heh.

Right now, im watching P!nk's live funhouse tour DVD, again. It's epic. Her version of Family Portrait with just her and the piano still gets me every time, and so does her acoustic version of I Dont Beleive You.

I'm being so boring! I guess i have nothing interesting to say, same as usual =] Well, i might be looking out of the window tomorrow, stealing the view of other people's fireworks, in the true yorkshire manner - why pay for them yourself when you can watch somone else's for free!

Went to see the pantomime yesterday, Jack and the Beanstalk. Ruined the story, got in some good jokes, not to mention a real helicopter, some flying, and a live cow. Oh, and of course the jokes about the area, the time of year, and the actors. And the dude in drag! Can't forget the dude in drag!

Well, darling followers, i shall see you later xx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's Christmas Eve eve!

I know, im sad, and amazingly hyper ^.^ But I can be forgiven for this, due to the fact that it's nearly Christmas. Hee hee.

Was ill yesterday, shock horror! I'm so good at timing things - i logged off the computer, meaning to go back to bed, then threw up all over my bedroom carpet 2 minutes later. TMI? Probably. Lol.

It's all icy in England-land now! I mean, snow is pretty when it first falls and you're having fun making a snowman and having snowball fights - but then, a couple of days later when it goes icy and the doctor gets sick of staring at bruised arses all day? Not so much. It's still pretty through the window, from the safety of my sofa and the laptop, though.

My favourite forum is down! Thanks to SOMEBODY posting a global announcement in a forum it shouldnt be posted in, and screwing up phpbb. Wonderful. That was nice of him xD Ah well. Keep your fingers crossed that it's back up soon!

Don't you just love the Christmas holidays? Yes, they're over too soon, and Yes, it probably involves seeng family you don't like. but it's 2 weeks off school, and you get christmas too - the decorations, the presents, the jokes. And the chance to do christmas themed phone calls and blog posts ;)

Expect a blog post from me on Christmas - probably with a list of my favourite presents, asking everyone to comment xD

See you later, bitches *hugs*

Sarah xx

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hey bitches, I'm back from the dead!

Wow, it's been a long time since i made a blog post. Somone needs to remind me to post xD

Well, it's nearly Christmas! My advent calendar says it's 6 more sleeps! (Yes, i know how sad that sounded. Get over it.) So, what are we all getting for Christmas? Hmm? I love Christmas. It makes me feel all happy - and everything is so shiny! The trees, the lights, everything ^^ Makes me want to sing along to Bing Crosby and get fairly bladdered on sweet sherry.

I decorated my tree at my Dad's house yesterday with my best friend - it was so much fun! It looks absoutely awesome. More is more = ftw. We went completely over the top - tinsel, beads, coloured lights, baubles, and an angel we made out of a fuckton of foil and my history exercise book. Yay!

School is over for two whole weeks, yey! I may actually be able to sleep, now. Would make a nice change. Looking forward to Christmas day, though it's kinda tainted by the fact that i am not with my whole family - just my Mum, brother and her boyfriend. We get a repeat of Christmas on boxing day with my father. Divorce is such a stupid entity.

Hoping you are all enjoying the festive season, if you bother to look at my blog anymore, i shall wish you a merry Christmas my darling followers!

Sarah xx

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bad day. Bad, bad, bad...

Warning: This is going to be a very bad blog post. Just me whining, even more than usual.

Bad, bad bad day today at school. I had another one of those days. they're becoming more frequent now, which is scaring me. I wish they'd stop. I just felt like something was pulling me down, making me feel like shit. I dunno. I think im going insane, sometimes.

2 of my friends had an argument today, and one stormed off. There's been a lot going on for me right about now, and that was the final straw. I wanted to punchsomething, but i couldn't. I just stood there, leaning on the fence. 2 of my other friends noticed i was upset, and asked me what was wrong. I just broke down crying. They both hugged me, and told me it'd be okay.

Now. You'd think, if somone was crying at school, you'd have the tiniest little bit of respect nd at least skirt around them. Not at my school, ladies and gentlemen. Nope, some total bithes stopped to hit me fairly hard on the back, which killed, and some tiy little idiot guys stood there laughing at me. They seemed to shut up when they realised im bigger than them, and threatened to castrate them, but y' know.

I was dragged away by my friend, and as i walked away i began to scratch up my fingers fairly badly with my nails. I have a... problem, with stuff like that. but i dont think you all want to read something like that. My hand killed all the way through science, after which i went and ran cold water over it until it became numb - after that it was okay.

Now, when i got home one of my friends messaged me on MSN. Recently, this 'friend' has been... changing. She used to be friendly, kind, happy, bubbly. She loved animals, and cared about problems and stuff in general. Now, all she s interested in is looking her most emo, and guys. That's all she ever talks about. Ever. She pissed me off, and we had an argument. So im in for a bitching tomorrow.

i think you've all had enough of me now. See you later, my darling followers xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009


OMG, OMG, OMG Pi... Wait, i sound like a myspace whore.

I went to see P!nk last night, she was really, really awesome. She came second to nickelback though. We were sat quite high up, to the side of the stage, so we saw everything that went on behind, as the show was designed to look good from the front.

The show wasn't really about the music, it was more a show. The theme of 'funhouse' was played on a lot, with a circus background, trapeze artists, and huge inflatable clowns. It was really, really good. She did loads of old songs as well as a lot of new ones, including 'dont let me get me' and 'family portrait'

I cried at family portrait. It was a version with just her and a piano, and it was really gorgeous.

The support band wasn't up to much. New Zealanders, Evermore, who will fade into obscurity soon enough. Everything sounded the same. Your general emo rock band, complete with rhinestoned skinnies.

Bye, my dears

Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm unimportant. Move along.

Had one of those days today, where you just want to disappear. Want to not exist, so everything can stop. It feels like m drowning, im losing my grip, and there's nothing left to keep me afloat. I'm going to sink, and it's just a matter of time.

I dont know how to handle it - what possible way is there? I'm useless, and no good to anybody. I dont even know why im writing this, it's not like anyone cares. Mght as wel post it for it never to be read.

Stupid bitches at school, told me to get on the other bus because they wouldnt be able to resist the temptation of tring to get to me. Again.

I'm at mum's tonight going to see Pink tomorrow. Should be fun. Excited about it. Probably gonna post about it the day after.

See yall later.